Since 2013, I have worked on many digital marketing projects from across a broad range of sectors. This is just a small list of some of our customers we have been privileged to have worked with. We are grateful to have worked with some leading names within their sectors during the last few years.

My Clients


“Amy has been instrumental in building our social media presence and ensuring that we keep up with market trends. We are really pleased with the level of engagement and interest that Amy has created. She has really worked hard to understand our target audience and maximise our social presence.”

 Gretchen Kebbell, Marketing Manager, QJumpers

“We worked with Amy for three years and we’re really pleased with her work and the results. Amy looked after all of our social platforms, which is a tall order, and she managed to do this efficiently and independently. She took the time to really understand what made our company tick, and this gave me great confidence in empowering her to be the ‘voice’ of Active. In particular, Amy significantly grew our Instagram and Pinterest accounts and proved to show some great results with Facebook advertising.”

Paul McDonald, Marketing Manager, Active Adventures